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The lower bound is 0.5 less and the upper bound is 0.5 more.

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Q: How do you calculate the lower and upper bounds if each of the numbers is given to the nearest whole number?
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How do you round these numbers to the nearest number 5.18742?

To the nearest whole number, that rounds down to 5.

What is the difference between a compatible number and rounding numbers?

rounding numbers is to nearest ten or hundred and compatible numbers are when you can do nearest 5

How do you calculate the average of a list of numbers?

If you want to calculate the average of a list of numbers, add the numbers together and divide it by the number of numbers.

What is 84.817 to the nearest whole number?

84.817 to the nearest whole numbers is 85.

Example of how to round to the nearest percent?

You calculate the percentage and then round the answer to the nearest whole number.

If a number is rounded to the nearest 10 nearest hundred and nearest thousand all the round numbers are 8000 what was the number before it was rounded?


nearest thousand 5641?

This round to the nearest thousand calculator will help for school students to find the result rounded in thousand numbers. Round to the Nearest Thousand; Rounding Numbers; Round to the Nearest Thousand Calculator . Enter Number. Round Number to Nearest . Given here an online rounding calculator which is used for rounding the numbers to the nearest thousandth number. To round decimal numbers

What are the numbers round off to 4000?

That depends on whether the numbers are rounded to the nearest tenth, the nearest whole number, the nearest ten, the nearest hundred, or the nearest thousand. Each choice produces a different answer.

How do you calculate to the nearest 100 the sum of 6552?

This question is impossible to solve because a sum is when numbers are added together. The question would have to be 6552 plus some other number. But if you are asking what 6552 rounded to the nearest 100 is, then your answer is 6600.

Which is bigger real numbers or natural numbers?

Natural number are a special kind of real number. They both are large without bounds. For every real number there is a larger natural number and for every natural number there is a larger real number.

What does bounded mean on a number line?

no won noes * * * * * It means that there is an upper and lower bound or limit. There is the lower bound such that you exclude any smaller numbers, and an upper bound such that you exclude bigger numbers. What you do wit hnumbers that are equal to the bounds depends on the nature of the bounds.

How many numbers can be rounded to the nearest tens?

An infinite number.