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To calculate the price per square inch of Pizza, you will need to know the area if the pizza in square inches, and the price of the pizza.

For example, let's say you have a 12 inch pizza that cost 5 dollars. Pizzas are generally measured in diameter, so the diameter of the pizza is 12 inches, and the radius is half of that, or 6 inches.

The formula for the area of a circle is (1/2)(pi)(radius)2, which, in this case, is (1/2)(pi)(6 in)2, or about 56.5 in2.

We now know the area and the price. The formula for price per square inch is what is sounds like: (price)/(area in in2). In this case, it is (5)/(56.5), or about .089 dollars.

So this pizza costs about 9 cents per square inch.

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Q: How do you calculate the price per square inch of pizza?
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What is the price per square inch of a pizza that costs 10.99 and has a diameter of 10 inches?

10.99 /(52X3.1416) = 0.14 dollars/sq. inch

If a seven inch pizza cost 4.00 and the price of the 14 inch is proportional to the cost of the seven inch how much would the fourteen inch pizza cost?

The area of the pizza inceases as the square of the radius (or diameter). Assuming the thickness remains the same, then the volume also increases as the square of the radius. So, double radius implies quadruple area implies quadruple cost.

If a pizzeria offers a 9 inch diameter pizza for 12 and a 18 inch diameter for 24. Are both offerings equally economical?

No because there are about 64 square inches in the 9 inch pizza and about 254 square inches in the 18 inch pizza.

How many more square inches are in a 14 inch pizza than in a 12 inch pizza?

Area of a 14 inch pizza = 43.98in2. Area of a 12 inch pizza = 37.70in2. Difference between the two = 6.28in2.

What is the area of a 15 inch square pizza?

225 square inches

To the nearest tenth how many more square inches of pizza are in a pizza with a 14 inch diameter than in a pizza with a 12 inch diameter?

49pi-36pi= 13pi= 40.8 square inches

How many more square inches are in a 14 inch pizza than in a 11 inch pizza?

I suggest you divide the 14 inches and the 11 inches by 2 to get the radius (presumably, the numbers refer to the diameter). Then you can calculate the area using the formula for a circle, and compare.

A pizza restaurant sells a 7-inch small pizza cut into 4 equal slices and a 9-inch medium pizza cut into 8 equal slices. How do the areas of the slices compare?

If they are the diameters of the pizzas then:- Each slice of the 7 inch pizza is about 9.62 square inches Each slice of the 9 inch pizza is about 7.95 square inches

what is the price for 12 inch pizza?

around £11

What is the price per square inch of a circle that is 9.42 in diameter Price per square inch is 65?

Area of the circle: pi*4.712 = 69.693 or about 70 square inches Price per square inch: 70*65 = 4550

Which is a better deal a 14 inch pizza that cost 9.95 or a 16 inch pizza that costs 11.95?

Find the area of each pizza & divide the price by the area to find the cost per square inch. The lowest one is the best deal.Area = PI*radius2Area (14 in.) = PI*(14/2)2 = 153.94 in2Area (16 in.) = PI*(16/2)2 = 201.06 in2Cost per sq. in (14 in.) = $9.95/154.94 in2 = $0.065/in2Cost per sq. in (16 in.) = $11.95/201.06 in2 = $0.060/in2The 16 inch pizza is the better deal. You pay 6 cents per square inch while the 14 inch pizza you pay 6 1/2 cents per square inch.

What is the price for 14 inch pizza at Papa John's?

Depends how fat you are :)