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i have no idea cant remeber jitter bug_09

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Q: How do you change decimal in a mixed number?
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How do you change a mixed number to percentage?

Changing mixed numbers percents. First change the mixed number to a decimal then change the decimal to a percent.

How do you change a mixed number as a percent?

You can times the number by 100 and get your answer

Change a mixed number to decimal?

4 18 __ 100

How do i change 0.06 into a decimal and as a mixed number?

0.06 is a decimal number. Also, since its magnitude is less than 1, there is no sensible way of representing it as a mixed number.

Change decimal to mixed number?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So provided the number is a decimal fraction, it can be represented as a mixed number. If it is a decimal integer then it is not a mixed number and it makes no sense to try to represent it as one.

How do you change a fraction to a mixed number as a decimal?

By dividing the denominator into the numerator

How do you change 41.494 from a decimal to a mixed number?

41 and 494/1000

How do you change 0.37 in to a mixed number?

A decimal that's less than one will not become a mixed number. Mixed numbers are greater than one.

How do you change a proper fraction to a mixed number?

I don't think you can but, you can change an improper fraction to a decimal.

Change 820 percent to mixed number in simplest form as decimal?


How do you turn a mixed number to an percentage?

First, turn the mixed number into a improper fraction. Then change the improper fraction into a decimal. Then, change it into a percent by moving the decimal point two spaces to the right. Ex: .10 is 10%

Explain how to compare a mixed number with a decimal?

Convert the mixed number to a decimal.