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It can't be a whole number.

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Q: How do you convert 75 percent into a whole number?
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How you turn a fraction to a percent?

To convert a fraction to percent, divide the numerator (which also means top number) by the denominator (which also means bottom number). Example: To convert the fraction 3/4 to percent, divide 3 (top number) by 4 (bottom number) and the answer is.75. To convert to percent, move the decimal 2 steps to the right and insert the percent sign on the end: .75 = 75%

How do you add percents from whole numbers?

is that question "how to add percents to whole numbers?but isn't this just basically addition?convert the percent to a fraction (75%=75/100) then to a decimal (75/100=0.75) and add to the whole number. i guess everyone know how addition works!

What is an equivalent decimal to 75 percent?

To convert from percent to decimal, divide by 100 ie 75% = .75

What is the percent of.75?

To convert 0.75 to percent multiply by 100: 0.75 × 100 = 75 %

How do you convert 75 percent into a fraction?

75% is 75/100 = 3/4

How do you convert 0.75 into a percent?

0.75 = 75%

How do you convert 75 percent into GPA?

75% in the US is a 2.00 GPA

What is 75 percent in a number?

75% is the number 0.75

How do you multiply a fraction and make the answer a whole number?

you can not always make it a whole number, but you divide the numerator,(top number) by the denominator(bottom number) and you answer tells you the percent ex. 3/4=.75 which means that 3 is 75% of 4

How do you round 0.75 to the nearest whole percent?

0.75 = 75%, which is already rounded to the nearest whole percent.

How do you convert a fraction into a precentage?

Divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator), then multiply by 100. Example: 3/4 as a percent. 3 ÷ 4 = .75 .75 x 100 = 75%

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