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Let x = the number of minutes.

x/60 will be the fractional part of an hour.

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Q: How do you convert minutes into a fraction?
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How do you convert fraction of an hour to minutes?

-- One hour = 60 minutes. -- A fraction of an hour is the same fraction of 60 minutes. -- To convert a fraction of an hour to minutes, multiply the fraction by 60 minutes.

How do you convert 108 minutes to fraction?

108 minutes = 108/1 minutes (in fraction form).

How do you convert 60 minutes into a fraction?

That will depend on 60 minutes of what that has not been given.

How Dow you convert 45 minutes into a fraction?

45 minutes is 45/60 hours.

How do you convert 139 minutes into a fraction?

It is: 139/60 hours

How do you convert 50 minutes into a fraction?

50 minutes out of 60 minutes would be 5/6 of an hour.

How do you convert 40 minutes into a fraction?

You have to divide it by something. As a fraction of an hour, 40 minutes is 40 / 60 = 2/3 hour.

How do you convert fractions to a number of minutes?

A fraction is an arithmetic quantity. Minutes are lengths of time, or sizes of angles. These are not equatable. To convert fractions of an hour to minutes of time multiply by 60. To convert fractions of a day to minutes multiply by 24x60. To convert degrees (of angle) to minutes multiply by 60.

What fraction of a hour is ten minutes?

To work this out, you first have to convert the hour into minutes so we have consistent units. There are 60 minutes in an hour. So the question can be states as "what fraction of 60 minutes is 10 minutes." This is 10/60. That can then be simplified to 1/6

What is the fraction of 15 minutes in a 24 hour day?

First, convert the 24 hours into minutes: 24 x 60 minutes = 1440 (the number of minutes in one day) The fraction is 15/1440 which reduces to 1/96

How do you convert 222 minutes to hours and minutes?

There are 60 minutes in an hour. So divide 222 by 60, without simplifying the fraction. The quotient is the number of hours and the remainder is the number of minutes.

How do you convert 95 minutes into a fraction?

If you want to make it a fraction of an hour, there are 60 mins in an hour. So 95/60 is 19/12. This is 158.33%