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1.00/.8 = 1.25 1.25 x the known number is your answer

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2009-04-28 18:54:02
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Q: How do you determine 100 percent of a number when 80 percent of the number is known?
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How do you determine 100 percent of a number when 80 percent of the number is unknown?

Divide the number by 20 to find 1% and times this by 100 to give 100%

How do you get 30 percent of a number?

30 percent as a decimal is 0.3 (divide a percent by 100 to get the decimal value)Multiply the number by 0.3 to determine 30% of the number.

How do you determine percentages greater than 100?

To determine percentages less than 100, multiply the number by x/100. The same holds for percentages over 100 - for example, finding 250 percent of a number is equivalent to multiplying the number by 250/100, that is, 2.5.

How do you do 25 percent of anything?

25 percent as a decimal is 0.25 so you simply multiply the number by 0.25 to determine what 25% of the number is.Example: 25% of 100 = 0.25 x 100 = 25

How do i calculate percent?

To determine the equivalent percent of a number, multiply it by 100. For example: 0.72 = 0.72 x 100 = 72%

How do you turn a number into percent?

To turn a number into a percent is multiply it by 100 and you get your percent.

How do you figure out 100 percent percent if 20 percent is known?

if you have the known value and know that it is 20% all you have to do is take 100 and divide it by 20 which equals 4. Then multiply your known value by the number 4 that you found by taking 100% and dividing it by the percentage of the known value. * * * * * Unfortunately, 100/20 is 5, not 4! So you need to multiply by 5.

What is 3.5 percent as a number?

35% is just .35. You have to use the percent as a comparison in order to determine the number as a whole. Like 35% of 200 is 70.

Find a number when a percent is known?

Divide the percent into 100 then multiply the result by the number that is that percent of the whole. For example, if 25% of your weekly wage is $65, then... 100 divided by 25 is 4. 4 times $65 = $260.

If 10 percent of a number is 100 what is 15 percent of that number?

100 x 100/10 x 15/100 = 150Therefore, 15 percent of that number would be 150.

35 percent is 17.5 of what number?

35 percent is 17.5. You are asking, what number is 100 percent. 1 percent is 17.5/35 = 0.5 100 percent is 0.5 times 100 = 50, that is the number.

If a percent of a number equals the number what percent of the number was taken?


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