How do you estimate with percents?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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divide the two numbers then divide

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Q: How do you estimate with percents?
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What is the estimate with percents called?

the *t.k=-44327=`~=(:

Estimate 4 out of 41 in percents?

Four out of 41 is approximately 9.8%

What are the percents of India's religion?

20 percents

Who invented percents?

No one invented percents.


percents are numbers over 100

Are fractions greater than percents?

They are all the same, fractions can be turned into percents and percents can be turned into fractions. hope that helps :)

Scientists estimate that a low-waste society could use reduction reuse and recycling to cut its waste by how many percents?

By 75 - 90%.

What do you notice about percents and their decimal equivalents?

Percents are 100 times larger (and that is by definition!).

Why do you use percents?

Percents are basically decimals, and we use decimals as numbers with extra, tiny proportions. Percents are just ways to make those decimals into a whole, more friendlier number. But, percents can also be made with decimals as well.

How do lawyer use percents?

lawyers use percents when figureing out prices and taxes of houses

What are the percents of the seven continent Like how much percents of land?

30 percent for Asia

Are fractions percents?

No, they are not.