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To convert a decimal into a percent, simply multiply the decimal by 100 and add a percent symbol, or in other words, move the decimal place two places to the right and add a percent symbol.

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Q: How do you express a decimal as a percentage?
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What are three ways to express probability?

percentage, decimal, fraction

How do you get the rate in percentage?

Multiply the rate by 100, then express it as a decimal number, followed by the % sign.

How do you express decimal number to percentage?

move the decimal place two places to the right and add a percent symbol or you can simply multiply the decimal by 100

Express 0.6 as percentage?

60% because the decimal 0.6 uses 1 as its base until, while a percentage uses 100 as the base until, therefore all you need to do to convert a decimal to a percentage is multiply it by 100.

How do you express 34 percent as a decimal?

how do you express 34 percent as a decimal

What percentage is 1280 of 1600?

To work out the percentage, you first need to express the number as a fraction, and then calculate the decimal. In this case, 1280 out of 1600 is 1280/1600. This comes out as the decimal 0.8 To convert this decimal into a percentage, you multiply by 100. 0.8x100=80. Thus, 1280 out of 1600 is 80%

How do you express 77 over 225 into a percent?

77 / 225 = 0.342222Converting decimal to a percentage: 0.342222 * 100 = 34.22%

Express 75 out of 300 as a percent?

75 out of 300= 75 / 300= 0.25Converting decimal to a percentage: 0.25 * 100 = 25%

What is five and five sixths in a decimal and as a percentage?

To express this as a decimal you have to treat the fraction part as a division. five sixths is 5/6 which works out at 0.8333rec Thus as a decimal, five and five sixths is 5.8333... To convert to a percentage, you just multiply by 100: 5.8333... x 100 = 583.333... Thus as a percentage this is 583.333...%

What is the percentage for the decimal 0.8717948?

percentage for the decimal 0.8717948 = 87.17948%

How do you change from decimal into percentage?

From decimal to percentage multiply by 100.

What is 12 as a decimal and a percentage?

As a decimal . . . 12.000 As a percentage . . . 1,200%

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