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For plotting, you can use an approximation. Pi, which is approximately 3.14, is between 3 and 4, but closer to 3. If, for example, integers are 10 millimeters apart, then pi would be about 1 1/2 millimeters to the right of the number 3.

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Q: How do you plot Pi on the real number line?
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How do you express irrational number on a number line?

Simply plot the irrational number at it's approximate location on the number line and label the irrational number. For example, if you were to plot pi on the number line, you would plot it at about 3.14 and label it with "π" (the pi symbol, if it doesn't show up) Another example is if you want to plot the square root of 2 on the number line. You would plot it at around 1.414 and label it with "√2"

Is pi a real number?

Pi is a real number

What is the real pi number?

3.141592653589793 is pi.

Is pi an Example of a number that is not real?

No. The square root of negative one is an example of an imaginary (not real) number. Pi is irrational, but real.

Is the number line a graph of rational numbers?

The number line includes all rational numbers but also has irrational ones. It is the REAL number line. The square root of non-perfect squares are on it and pi is also on it and they are not rational.

What is the real number for pi?


Is Pi a cardinal number?

its a real number lol

A real number that is not rational?

Real numbers are any numbers that could be on a number line. Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as fractions. Real irrational numbers are things like pi or the square root of 2.

What number comes before pi?

Any negative number comes before pi in the number line.

What are the other real number?

The other real number is 3/pi. I will bet that was not the real number you had in mind and so is an "other" real number.

Is pi a complex number?

The set of real numbers are a subset of the set of complex numbers: imagine the complex plane with real numbers existing on the horizontal number line, and pure imaginary existing on the vertical axis. The entire plane (which includes both axes) is the set of complex numbers. So any real number (such as pi) will also be a complex number. But many people think of complex numbers as something that is "not a real number".

Is 3 pi a real number?

Yes, it is.