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multiply the number by .7, that is 70 % of that number

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Q: How do you work out 70 percent of something?
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How do you work out the percent of something?

example: 70% of £600 70% x 600 = £420 you have to times the percentage by the number

How can 70 percent and 30 percent equal 50 percent?

If you have 70% of something and 30% of another identical "something" that is equivalent to 50% of the two "somethings".

What is the percent of women work?

70 %

What is the percent of discount of 70 discounted to 63?

If something that normally costs 70 is on sale for 63, the discount is 7, which is 10% of 70.

What is the probability if something comes out 70 percent?

The probability is that it comes out 7 times out of 10 tries, or 70% of the times.

How do you work out 47 percent of 70 on a calculator?

47% is equal to .47 Then you multiply .47 by 70 and get 32.9

How do you do work for 70 percent of 80?

80 x 0.7 = 56

How do you work out one percent of something?

Divide the something by 100.

What percentage of women with children of school age are in paid work?

70+ percent

What is the final price for something that is 25 percent off of 70?

70 *3/4(which is 25% off)=210/4=52.50

Is 0.70 is 70 percent?

Yes because 70 percent is 70/100 which is .70

Is the percent of ocean on earth 70 percent or 75 percent?