How do you write 0.645 in words?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Six hundred forty-five thousandths.

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Q: How do you write 0.645 in words?
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If it's 0645 in American what time is it in India?

That depends on what American timezone you're referring to.India is in the IST timezone which is GMT+5.30 and does not observe daylight savings. The United States has six different timezones: EDT (GMT-5), CDT (GMT-6), MDT (GMT-7), PDT (GMT-8), AKDT (GMT-9), and HST (GMT-11). Except from HST, they all observe daylight savings.0645 in EDT is 1715 in outside of daylight savings and 1615 during.0645 CDT is 1815 outside or 1715 during.0645 MDT is 1915 outside or 1815 during.0645 PDT is 2015 outside or 1915 during0645 AKDT is 2115 outside or 2015 during.0645 HST is 2315.

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