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I think you mean two and three-quarters. Well, 1/4 is 0.25 so 3/4 is 0.75 and two and three quarters is 2.75 . This is 275/100 or 275%

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Q: How do you write 2 and 3 over 4 as a Decimal and Percent?
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How do you write 2 over 5 as a decimal and as a percent?

The answer as a decimal is 0.4 and the answer as a percentage is 40%.

How do you write 0.001 as a percent?

.1% Simply move the decimal over 2 places

How do you write 2 percent into a decimal?

2 % as a decimal - is 0.02

What is 1 over 2 as a decimal and a percent?

1 over 2 = 0.5 as a decimal and 50% as a percent

Write each decimal as a percent 0.02?

2 percent

How do you write 2 over 3 percent as a fraction and decimal?

2 over 3 is already a fraction number. This can be written as decimal as 0.667.

How do you write the fraction 9 over 2 as a percent?

in decimal form, it is 0.2222223 percentage, it is 23%

How do you write twenty percent as a decimal form?


Write 2 percent as a decimal?


How do you write 3.9 decimal as a percent?

In lamens terms of what the guy/girl below me says just move the decimal to the right 2 tmes. easy. you would write it as 390%. to write a percent as a decimal you multiply the decimal by 100 then add a percent sign to the answer.

How do you write 46.9 percent as a decimal?

46.9% written as a decimal is 0.469. 46.9 percent is 46.9 out of 100. That means 46.9 percent is 46.9/100, which is 0.469. In general, to write a percent as a decimal, move the decimal point to the left 2 spots.

How do you write 8 percent as a fraction?

To get from a percent to a decimal, simply move the "decimal point" over two places to the left. There is no defined (drawn) decimal point in the percent, but it is understood that it is after the 8, so it's also 8.0%. As a decimal, 8% is .08, now just write it as a fraction: 8/100, which can be simplified to 2/25