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just have the fraction be negative(do this by putting the negative symbol on the denominator, numerator or before the fraction).

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Q: How do you write a negative decimal as a fraction?
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When you write a fraction as a decimal you write the decimal blank of the fraction?

blank = representation.

When you Write ma fraction as a decimals you write decimals Of fractions?

Restate the question: If you can write a fraction as a decimal, can you write a decimal as a fraction?Yes.

How do you write 0.6 as a decimal fraction?

That already is a decimal fraction.

What is 80 percent in a fraction and decimal?

As a fraction, you can write it as 8/10. As a decimal, you can write it as 0.8.

You Can be a positive number a negative number or a zero but never a decimal or fraction?

i can be a negative number a negative number or a zero but i am never a decimal or fraction

Can you turn a negative fraction into a negative decimal?


How do you convert a negative mixed number into a decimal?

If you know how to turn a mixed number into a fraction and a fraction into a decimal do that then make it negative.

When converting a negative fraction into a decimal is the decimal positive or negative?

The decimal would be negative. Ex: -2/3 is -0.67

How do you find the rational form of a negative fraction?

To write something in rational form means to write it as a fraction. If you are given a negative number in the form of a fraction, it is already in rational form. If you are given a decimal and wish to turn it into a fraction, just use 10, 100, etc as the denominator. In the case of a repeating decimal there is a method but that's another question!

How can a decimal help you write the decimal as a fraction?

you write a decimal in fraction by example: 12/100 it is read as twelve hundredths as decimal is 0.12 or .12.

How do you cover a negative fraction into a terminating decimal?

A negative fraction need not be a terminating decimal. For example, -2/3 = -0.66... (repeating).

How do you convert a negative decimal into a fraction?

6 :)

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