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All but 97.

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Q: How many numbers in the nineties are composite number?
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How many composite numbers are there?

The number of composite numbers is infinite.

How many composite number in 1-100?

There are 74 composite numbers.

How many composite number less than 50?

There are 15 prime numbers and 34 composite numbers because 1 is not considered to be a prime or composite number

How many numbers are prime in the nineties?

There are two primes in the nineties: 91 and 97

How many odd numbers are composite?

An infinite number.

What is between the largest prime number and the smallest composite number below 100?

Many prime numbers and many composite numbers.

Is 242 prime or composite?

242 is a composite number.Prime numbers have only two factors - 1 and the number itself.There are many other numbers that can be divided into 242, making it a composite number.

How many prime numbers are divisible by 12?

None. 12 is a composite and any number divisible by a composite is itself a composite.

Is there more prime numbers then composite?

There are many, many more composite numbers than prime numbers. For example, beyond the number 3, every other number is composite, as it is divisible by 2. Following this, every number ending with a 5 other than 5 itself is composite, as it is divisible by 5, and every third odd number is divisble by 3. There are many complicated divisibility tests for numbers above 5.

What is the difference between the even numbers and composite numbers?

The set of even numbers contains the prime number, 2. The set of composite numbers contains infinitely many odd numbers.

How many numbers are composite between 10 and 82?

A composite number is a number that can be divided in a way other than itself and by 1. Other than 2, all even numbers are composite, so if you include 10 and 82 the answer would be 39 composite numbers. Without 10 and 82, the answer would be 37 composite numbers.

What are factors of composite numbers?

There are infinitely many composite numbers with infinitely many factors.

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