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If 4 and 9 spots, there are two possible answers: (Zids, Zods) = (0, 12) and (4, 3).If 5 and 7 the 5 possible answers: (0, 28), (5, 21), (10, 14), (15, 7) and (20, 0).

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Q: How many solutions If Zids have 4 spots Zods have 9 spots and together have 48 spots How many Zids and Zods are there What if Zids have 5 spots Zods have 7 spots and altogether 140 spots?
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What if zids have 4 spots zods have 9 spots and there are 48 spots altogether?

best ans 3 zids with 4 spots and 4 zods with 9 spots

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