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Square feet has nothing to do with how much an X BTU heater can heat, heat is calculated by determining how much heat LOSS there is to make up for. AC is the exact opposite, it's size is determined by how much heat GAIN there is.

In general, a 120,000 BTU boiler can heat an average well insulated 2 story house, no problem. There are many programs that calculate heat loss/gain but since there are people who do it for a living, try asking one.

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Q: How many square feet does a 120000 BTU heater heat?
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How many square feet does 14000 BTU heater heat?

how many square feet does a 14,000 btu heater heat

How many square feet does a 200000 BTU heater heat?

A 200,000 BTU wood burning stove will heat 1,000 square feet.

How many square feet does a 3400 btu heater heat?


How many square feet does 3000 btu heater heat?


How many square feet does a 110000 BTU heater heat?

Burning Stove - 110,000 BTU How many square feet?

How many square feet does a 66000 BTU heater heat?

1500 sq ft

How many square feet does a 40000 btu heater heat?

Will a 40,000 btu furnace be enough to heat my 1375 square foot middle unit town house.

How many square feet does a 8000 btu heater heat?

The number of square feet that an 8000 btu heater will heat can not be accurately determined just by knowing the output of the heater.Given a small, well insulated, energy efficient house that is located in a mild climate, 8000 btu could be sufficient to heat the entire house.

If a room heater that will heat 189 sq feet What size room would that heat?

189 square feet would be 13.5 feet wide by 14 feet long. Height of a room is based on average height.

How many square feet does a 5000 BTU heater heat?

There is a lot more to it than square footage. To find out the heat load on any room or home you need to have a load calculation performed. This is a process that takes into account location, construction features, etc. With a portable heater (which is what you're talking about if it's 5,000 BTU), you can estimate heating ability with the 10 - 15 watt per square foot rule of thumb. So, 1,500 watts (5,120 BTU) will heat about 150 - 225 square feet. To go from watts to BTU, multiply watts by 3.4.

How many square feet will 26000 btus heat?

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How many btu to heat 1000 square feet?

It takes about 50,000 btus to heat 1000 square feet