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Q: How would you write 2 tenths 4 hundredths 7 thousandths as a decimal form?
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How would your write thirteen thousandths as a decimal?

0.13 = 13 hundredths 0.013 = 13 thousandths

What is the Decimal of 3 hundredths less than 3 tenths?

It is 0.27

What is 0.067 rounded to the nearest hundredth and tenth?

With all decimal numbers, the position immediately to the right of the decimal point is the tenths place. Next to the right is the hundredths place, then the thousandths and so on. So 0.067 to the nearest hundredths place is 0.07 (the 6 is increased because what follows is greater than 5). To the nearest tenths it is 0.1: the 0 is increased to 1 since what follows is greater than 5).

Explain how to read the decimal 8.79?

To read the decimal 8.79, you read it eight and seventy-nine hundredths because after the decimal, there are two place values. The first is tenths and the second is hundredths. Since the last number, 9, is in the hundredth place, the whole decimal would be read as a hundredth.

What is 0.2 as a decimal?

that is what you just said. 0.2 two tenths, 20 hundredths, 200 thousandths. 0.2 is already in decimal form. It would be read as: two-tenths, or two-tenths (of one). Or, since it can be read as a fraction, since 0.2 is less than one, you would have 20%. Another way to understand this decimal is to convert it to it's lowest common denominator. Understanding that 0.2 = 2/10 (two-tenths), you can see that you can divide the numerator and the denominator by 2 and get an answer of 2/10 = 1/5. *** Actually 0.2% can be further explained as a decimal. The point is that this number (0.2%) is truly a % so it is not in pure decimal form. If you look at the percentage it is 0.2% and it is in the tens place. To move it to a true decimal you would move the decimal 2 times to the left making it 0.002.

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What is 0.9 in thousandths?

decimal places go .1(tenths) .01(hundredths), and .001(thousandths) and there are 10 thousandths in a hundredth and 10 hundredths in a tenth .9 is 9 tenths which is 90 hundredths or 900 thousandths but normally you would just say "nine tenths"

How would you write 15 thousandths in decimal form?

0.015. The first number after the decimal point is tenths, the second is hundredths, the third is thousandths.

How would you write two ten thousandths in decimal form?

0.0002 tenths, hundredths , thousandths and ten thousandths. or, 2 X 10^-4

How would you write two tenths 4 hundredths 6 thousandths as a decimal form?

It is 0.246It is 0.246

How do you write forty eight hundredths in decimal form?

.48; the first number behind the decimal point is tenths, the next is hundredths, if there was a third number it would be in the thousandths place, ten thousandths, etc . (decimal point, 4 (tenths place, 8 is in the hundredths place = .48

How do you write thousandths?

If you wanted to write 5 thousandths, that would be: 0.005 The first zero after the decimal (.) is the tenths place, the second the hundredths place, and the third the thousandths place.

How do you write 3.04 in words?

3.04 written in words would be, three and four hundredths. One decimal place is tenths, two is hundredths, three would be thousandths.

What is the billionths place?

The billionths place would be where the underscore is. 0.0000_ The order after the decimal is tenths, hundredths, thousandths, millionths, billionths.

How would you write six and twenty one hundred thousandths in decimal form?

6.00021 The first decimal place is tenths, then hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths, hundred-thousandths, etc. 21 hundred-thousandths must end in the hundred-thousandths place.

How do you write 4.51 in words?

4.51 write in words is four and fifty one hundredths. One decimal place is tenths, two is hundredths three would have been thousandths.

What is 2 and forty four thousandths in decimal form?

2.044 ^ tenths ^ hundredths ^ thousandths ANSWER : 2.004 and if you would need it in fraction is it 511/250 and as a proper fraction is 2 (11/250)

How do you write fifty-five hundredths as a decimal?

You take the place vlaues accordingly: first there are the tenths, then the hundredths, then thousandths, ten thousandths, so on. For example, 0.1 would be 1 tenth. 0.01 would be one hundreth, 0.001 would be one thousandth, and so on. Each zero marks a decimal place. Therefore, fifty-five hundredths would be written as 0.55.