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13/100, ie 13%...

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Q: If a student had homework 87 days out of 100 what fraction and what percentage of days did the student not have homework?
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Should students who forget their homework be kept after school?

Depending on the homework they get and what kind of student they are, you should decide. If the homework was a long-term assignment that the student had several days to complete, they should have a punishment. However, if they are a good student, and they forgot a short term assignment, you should give them a second chance.

Is homework beneficial to middle school student?

Homework is beneficial to all students. It helps the student to consolidate the learning and information that the learned at school to come home and work on additional problems. Without this period of practice at home, much of what a student learnt would be lost within a few days.

IN A student attended the school for 180 days out of 216 working days find the percentage of days he went to school?

Attendance record: 180/216 times 100 = 83.'3'% recurring '3'

If it rained 3 days out of 8 what was the percent of rainy days?

To solve the percentage from the fraction 3/8 , you must first convert this fraction to a decimal using a calculator (unless you can do this in your head). The answer in decimal form is .375 . This can now easily be converted to a percentage of 37.5% since the 3 and 7 are in the tenths and hundredths places respectively. Therefore, if it rains 3 out of 8 days, you can say it rains 37.5% of this time span.

How do you convert 21 days into a fraction?

A fraction requires two numbers. 21 days as a fraction of what? A month, a year, a century?

Express 3 days as a fraction of the month of june?

express 3 days as a fraction of the month of

Can a student loan cover a car?

Nope ... the purpose of a student loan is for educational purposes and some living expenses. Besides which, student loans are usually at a high percentage rate - surely one could do much better than 8% or 13% on a car loan these days.

What fraction of 2 weeks is 5 days?

5 days/2 weeks = 5 days/14 days so the fraction is 5/14.

If you have 40 minutes of homework for 5 days straight what is the total amount of homework do youneed to do that week?

The total amount of homework you need to do that week is, 200.

What are the release dates for Student Days - 1909?

Student Days - 1909 was released on: USA: 17 April 1909

What fraction of April is 5 days April has 30 days what fraction of April is 5 days thanks?

One sixth. Six fives are 30.

How do you convert days into years in fraction form?

no. of days / 365