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If pairs of factors separate independently of other pairs of factors, you are dealing with the:

Law of independent assortment

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Q: If pairs of factors separate independently of other pair factors you are dealing with?
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What best describes the law of independent assortment?

When sex cells form, alleles of a trait separate

What did gregor Mendel dicover?

that the genetic factor that expresses phenotypes in peas was a separate entity, not a blend and that these factors assorted independently of each other

What is the type of procedure that is performed independently of and is not immediately related to other services?

separate procedure

What describes the law of assortment?

Factors controlling different characteristics are inherited independently of each other

Law stating that alleles separate independently of each other in gamete formation?

The Law of Segregation by Gregor Mendel.

The law of independent assortment governs chromosomes behavior during mitosis?

Chromosomes sort independently, not individual genes.

Why is command interpreter usually separate from the kernel?

The command interpreter is usually separate from the kernel in case it fails. Either the interpreter or kernel could fail independently without affecting each other.

Why the chemicals in crude oil separate out in a particular order?

Crude oil is made out of hydro-carbons which causes the oil to separate out in a particular oil. The different fractions of carbons work independently from each other.

Can Encarta still work if you use open office instead of Ms office?

Absolutely - the programs are completely separate from each other, and work independently.

Factors dealing with 6 that go into 210 evenly?

The factors of 6 are: 1, 2, 3, and 6.They all go into 210 evenly. In other words, all of them are 'factors' of 210.

What are the general weaknesses that human has?

The general weaknesses that human has is dependability. Humans depend on each other and other factors to survive which is a great weakness as they cannot work independently.

What type of procedure is performed independently and is not immediately related to other services?

The answer is in the Radiology Guidelines of the CPT manual on the first page of the Rad. Guidlines. The answer is Separate Procedure.