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It depends if the negative is being squared also.

If you have (-3)^2 then it = 9

If you have -(3)^2 then it = -9

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Q: If you square a negative number is the answer negative -3 squared equals 9 or -9?
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What number squared equals 110?

The number than when squared equals 110 is the square root of 110 = ±10.488 (3dp)

Why does the square root of -25 have no real solution?

Because the square root of -25 would be that number that, squared, would equal -25. No number, positive or negative, can result in a negative square. Since -25 is a negative number, no number, positive or negative, can be squared to equal -25.

What is r if r squared equals s?

Square root of s, or negative square root of s.

Does negative 3 squared equal negative nine?

No. Negative three squared is POSITIVE nine. The square of ANY number is positive, because if you multiply a negative number by a negative number, the result is positive.

What number squared equals 76?

The number that when squared = 76 is the square root of 76 which is ± 8.7178 (4dp).

What number squared equals 2009?

If a certain number when squared equals 2009 then the solution is the square root of 2009. √2009 = ±44.82 (2dp)

Can a negative number be a square?

the square is positive always.Except in the case of an Imaginary number. An imaginary number is a number that gives a negative result when squared,where i= √-1

Can the area of a square be negative?

not in the real world. The area of a square = The length of a side, squared. Any number squared is positive.

What number squared equals 624?

The number that squared equals 624 is approximately 24.97.

Is the square root of -100 rational?

The square root of 100 is rational since it is not repeating.

What is the product of -10 squared?

100 A square of a negative number is positive.

How many square roots dose a negative number have?

no,a negative number cannot have a square root .it is made only for positive numbers .but,yes,negative numbers can be squared.