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It is the tens' place.

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Q: In the decimal number 98703 the 0 holds what place value?
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In the decimal 62859 8 holds what place?


How to Round 3.93 to 1 decimal place?

The '9' is in the "first decimal" place and the '3' is in the "second decimal" place.Rules for roundingIf the number in the second decimal place is 5 or greater then the number in the first decimal place is rounded upwards by 1.If the number in the second decimal place is 4 or less then the number in the first decimal place is left unchanged.As the problem in this case is 3.93 and the number in the second decimal place is less than 5, we end up with3.9 "correct to one decimal place" or "rounded to one decimal place".

What number is to one decimal place?

1.1 is to the first decimal place

What is the difference between a decimal point and a decimal place?

The decimal point of a number separates the whole part of the number from the fractional part of the number. It is located between the units column and the tenths column of every number. A decimal place is one of the digits after the decimal point: The first decimal place is the first digit, which is the tenths digit The second decimal place is the second digit, which is the hundredths digit The third decimal place is the third digit, which is the thousandths digit etc. When showing or rounding to a number of decimal places there will be that number of digits after the decimal place. eg the number 5.671 has three decimal places as there are three digits after the decimal point and the second decimal place, for example, contains the digit 7.

What is the decimal place value of 1.9375?

A single digit in a number can have a decimal place value: a whole number cannot.

What is a decimal number?

A decimal number is one way of representing numbers where each place for a digit has a place value that is ten times that of the place to its right. Most all the numbers that you familiar with (judging from your question) will be decimal numbers. A decimal number need not be a [decimal] fraction.

Name the ones place in math?

unless the number is a decimal, the number in the one's place is always the last digit. if you are using a decimal number, the one's place is the last number before the decimal. ex: 5,307 the one's place is 7 546.9 the one's place is 6

What decimal place is the same as 610?

A 3-digit number cannot have a decimal place.

What is 0.0827363 to one decimal place?

This number, rounded to one decimal place, is 0.1

Where does decimal go in the ten place?

The ten place is the first number to the right of the decimal.

What is a one place decimal?

A number expressed to one decimal place (not one place decimal) is one that has a single digit after the decimal place. This is the digit in the tenths place so such a number may also be described as "rounded to the nearest tenth", or "accurate to a tenth".

Where do you get the word for decimal?

when we place point in a number we call it decimal