Is 104 over 75 good bp?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is 104 over 75 good bp?
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Is 104 over 75 a hood bp for a 26 yr old female?

Yes, a blood pressure reading of 104 over 75 is great for a 26 year old female.

Is 113 over 75 blood pressure 50 heart rate good for a 64 year old woman?

Is 113/75 a good blood pressure good for a 50 year old female

What does a systolic pressure of 122 and a diastolic of 75?

That is a very good BP. Congratulations☺

What does a BP of 136 over 62 indicate in a teenager?

it is very good according to ayurveda.

You are 61 years old my bp is 144 over 98 good or bad?

I am also 61 and my blood pressure was 156 over 96. My Dr has changed my medication and I now have to have a BP check every week for a month. My life assurance premium has been increased because of this BP.

Is blood pressure of 155 over 55 good?

Yes, a BP of 155/120 is considered hypertensive. Any blood pressure above 140/90 (either number) meets the criteria for hypertension and medication is indicated.

Is 122 over 82 a normal blood pressure for a 58 year old 200 LB man?

very good BP

Can smoking cigars cause your blood pressure to elevate by 30 points?

To answer your question: Yes. I have a home BP device and measured my BP while smoking a cigar and found that my BP rose from a normal level of 123/75 to 150/95. That was my last cigar.

Is it normal to have BP 111 61 for 72 years man?

Yes, it is a good BP for a 72 year old.

Is 185 over 110 good blood pressure for a 73 year old?

No, that is rather high. You should be checked out by your doctor. There are many things that causer high BP. Get to your doctor, just to make sure that it is not anything serious. You should not delay.

Is it normal ot have 107 over 72 of blood pressure?

107/68 is not a high blood pressure. On an adverage healthy adult a normal blood pressure is 120/80.

Yuor blood pressure is 99 over 66 and y0u are fatguied?

Your BP is in the 'low normal' range. Being fatigued may have nothing to do with your BP.