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No, it is not a multiple of 0. Only 0 OS a multiple of every integer.

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2011-12-08 02:24:36
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Q: Is 1 is a multiple of every integer?
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Is 1 a factor of every integer?

Yes, 1 is a factor of every integer and every integer is a multiple of 1.

How many multiples of 1 on a number cube?

All of them. Every integer is a multiple of 1.

Is zero a multiple of three?

In mathematics, a multiple of an integer is the product of that integer with another integer. In other words, a is a multiple of b if a = nb, where nis an integer. If b is not zero, this is equivalent to saying that a / b is an integer.0 is a multiple of every integer ().Source:

Is 15 a multiple of each of its factors and why?

Yes, because every integer is a multiple of its factors.

Is every power of 3 a multiple of 3?

No. 3 to the power 0 is 1, 3 to the power -1 is 1/3, etc.; however, if the exponent is a positive integer (i.e., 1 or more), then it is indeed a multiple of 3.

What is the lowest multiple of nine?

The least multiple of 9 is 9. The least multiple of any integer is the integer itself.

What is divisble by 64?

(Any integer) times (26) is. ( That's every multiple of 64. )

Every negative number is an integer?

No, not every negative number is an integer. For example, -11/2 is not an integer. However, -1, -2, -3, and so on, are negative integers. Perhaps that is what you meant to ask. The negative of every positive integer is a negative integer.

Which integer is not an integer?

every whole number is an integer. any fractions or decimals like, 1/2 or .5 is NOT an integer. 6 or -341 IS an integer.

Is minus integer multiple of positive integer?


How many multiples does 20 have?

Infinitely many. For every integer, N, there is a multiple: 20*N.

Is every whole number is a facter of 1?

Every whole number or integer has 1 as a factor.

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