Is 1 over 11 a terminating decimal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is 1 over 11 a terminating decimal?
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Related questions

How Does 1 over 2 to 100th power have a repeating or terminating decimal?

It has a terminating decimal.

Is 1 over 6 a terminating decimal?

No, it is an infinitely recurring decimal.

Is 1 over 8 a terminating decimal?


Is 1 over 5 a terminating decimal?

yes! it is .2

Does every non-terminating decimal represent an irrational number?

No; if the non-terminating decimal repeats then it represents a rational.Examples:0.3333... = 1/30.428571428571... = 3/70.181818... = 2/11

What is the difference between a terminating decimal and a non-terminating decimal?

A terminating decimal is a decimal that ends like 3.5 or 7.819. A non terminating or Repeating decimal is a decimal that does not end. Instead is goes on forever like 1/3 which is .3 repeating. Pi is another exaple of a non terminating decimal.

Whats 1 over 6 turned into a decimal?

0.166666... with an infinite number of 6s. This is a non-terminating decimal.

What is a example of a terminating and repeating decimal?

Okay. This If You Are Looking For A Example Of Terminating And Repeating Decimal You Came To The Right Place :] Example For Terminating Decimal 1/7= 0.142857 Example For Repeating Decimal 1/3= 0.33..

Is 1 a terminating decimal?

Yes, it is.

Is 9 whole and 1 half a terminating decimal?

9 1/2 equals to 9.5 It is, a so called, 'terminating' decimal.

Which fraction can be expressed as a terminating decimal 1/9 3/11 5/8 2/3?

5/8 A decimal that does not repeat.

What is a terminating decimal that is not an integer?

0.5 is a terminating decimal and, since it is equal to a half, it is not an integer. A terminating decimal that is not an integer is a rational fraction. However, not all rational fractions are terminating decimals (eg 1/3 = 0.333...).0.1251.2512.5etc.