Is 5i a complex number

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is. All pure imaginary numbers (such as 5i) as well as all real numbers and any combination of real & imaginary (by adding, subtractin, multiplying, dividing) makes a complex number.

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Q: Is 5i a complex number
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What is the complex conjugate of the following complex number 7 plus 5i?

The conjugate is 7-5i

What is the conjugate of the complex number 9 plus 5i?


Complex conjugate of 5i?

0 + 5i Its complex conjugate is 0 - 5i

What is true about the complex number -5-5i?

That 5 is a factor.

Complex conjugate of 5i-4?

To get the complex conjugate, change the sign in front of the imaginary part. Thus, the complex conjugate of -4 + 5i is -4 - 5i.

What is the complex conjugate -6-5i?


What is the conjugate of 11 plus 5i?

To find the complex conjugate change the sign of the imaginary part: For 11 + 5i the complex conjugate is 11 - 5i.

What is complex conjugate for the number 9-5i?

The conjugate is 7 - 3i is 7 + 3i.

What is the standard form of negative square root of 5i?

The standard form of a complex number is a+bi. So the standard form of the negative square root of 5i is 0-√(5i).

What is the usefulness of the conjugate and its effect on other complex numbers?

The conjugate of a complex number is the same number (but the imaginary part has opposite sign). e.g.: A=[5i - 2] --> A*=[-5i - 2] Graphically, as you change the sign, you also change the direction of that vector. The conjugate it's used to solve operations with complex numbers. When a complex number is multiplied by its conjugate, the product is a real number. e.g.: 5/(2-i) --> then you multiply and divide by the complex conjugate (2+i) and get the following: 5(2+i)/(2-i)(2+i)=(10+5i)/5=2+i

What is 5i?

Welcome to the world of imaginary and complex numbers. i is defined to be a number such that i2 = -1. i is imaginary ( that is not real) 5i is i+i+i+i+i . There is no simpler form than 5i . Please see the attached link for more about imaginary numbers.

What is an unreal in math?

The only thing I can think of that you might mean is an imaginary or complex number. Since there is no solution to √(-1) mathematicians labeled it as i which is the imaginary number, and any number that includes purely i is also imaginary. Complex numbers are a mix of both real and imaginary numbers. for example 3 is real, 5i is imaginary and 3+5i is complex. Hopefully this answers what you meant.