Is a 72 percent passing grade?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Depends on the school but usually it is a passing grade. A low C grade

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Q: Is a 72 percent passing grade?
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Is 72 is passing grade?


Is a 60 percent a passing grade in collage?

60% is not normally a passing grade in college.

What letter grade is a 72 percent in College?


If you have 72 percent in a class how much do you have to get on the exam if it's worth 30 percent?

To get a final grade of 72, you need a 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 75, you need an 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 80, you need a 99 on the exam. If you get 100 on the exam, your final grade will be a little over 80.

Is 60 percent a passing grade?

It depends on teacher and what they think about a 60 percent!😋

Is 50 percent passing grade in AMERICA?

Generally, no, it's an F.

What is your grade if you get 20 math questions correct out of 35 math questions?

-- Your score is 57 percent.-- Your grade depends on whatever the teacher decides is the grade for 57 percent.-- Personally, I can't imagine a teacher awarding a passing grade for a score of 57 percent.

What would 72 percent be as a over all grade?

That depends on the grading scale for the class.

How much would 72 percent be in grades?

Not sure if I understand your question...but that would be a grade of 'C'

Is a 69 percent passing?

That actually depends on the grading system of the specific school district that you are in. Some schools do not give out D's, so a 70 would be the lowest passing grade. To schools that do give out D's, a 60 would be the lowest passing grade.

Is a C- a passing grade?

The C grade is a passing grade.

What grade is a 58 percent?

It is an F. You kind of failed miserably, no offense. Passing is usually 75, and that is a D.