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Yes, it is an A.

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Q: Is a 95 percent a good test score?
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How many question can you miss to get 95 percent on an 80 question test?

In order to score 95% or better, you must answer at least 76 questions correctly. We're hoping it's not a math test.

Is 95 is a good score for a student 12 years old?

A score of 95 is average intelligence.

What 18 hole golf score places you in the top 5 percent?


If you have a score of 95 89 91 and 93 what score must you get on your final test to raise your average to 93?


What does a score of 99 mean on the raven progressive matrices test?

The maximum score for the test is 95. If someone gets a score of 99, they are above the highest average. This likely means that they are very gifted.

Is 95 a good IQ score?

It's in the Average range.

What does mean if your IQ score is a 95 on the Stanford binet intelligence test?

Normally in the Average level

If average test scores are 89 and then a sixth test score is 95 what is new average?

V + W + X + Y + Z) / 5 = 89 (V + W + X + Y + Z + 95) / 6 = ? 89*5= the sum of the 5 test scores. therefore, (445+95)/6 is the new average. 540/6=90. Your average test score is 90

My adult Iq is 118 and I am only 14 is this good or bad?

Acording to the test, you are smart although the test doesnt cover every aspect of live. In some cases you can see a person with a score of 95 in the test having a wealthy live.

A is 95 percent of what?

A = 95 percent of 1.052632 A (rounded)

Out of possible 250 marks Keith scored 91 percent How many extra marks would he have needed to score 95 percent?

Solution if one acts before thinking:91% of 250 = 227.595% of 250 = 237.5(237.5) - (227.5) = 10 extra marks required to raise score to 95%.===============================================Solution if one thinks before acting:Additional score required = (95% - 91%) = (4% of 250) = 10 marks

What is the percent for 95?


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