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The mixed number 21/2, for example, is greater than the whole number 2, but smaller than the whole number 3.

In fact, given any mixed number (which does have a fractional part), it is always possible to find a pair of consecutive whole numbers such that the mixed number is between them.

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Q: Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number explain?
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Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number?


when adding mixed numbers,is it always necessary to write the sum as a mixed number Explain?

what is 2+@

Is the product of two mixed number always greater than 1?

Yes, yes it is. Because a mixed number must have a whole number in it. Therefore, being multiplied only makes it bigger.

Is a mixed number greater than a whole number?

Not always as for example 4 is greater than 3 and 3/4

Is this question true or false a proper fraction never has the same value as a mixed number?

TRUE. A proper fraction is always less than 1 and a mixed number is always greater than 1

Does a mixed number always greater than a whole number?

NO because 1 and 1\2 is greater than 1 but less than 2. And 2 is a whole number.

When adding two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename the fractional sum explain?

Only if the fraction is improper (greater than one).

Is mix number always greater than a whole number?

no. lets use 10,000,000,000,000, which is a whole number, and 1 1/2, which is a mixed number. all a mixed number is is a mix of fractions and whole numbers,

Why is the reciprocal of a mixed number always less than the number 1?

A mixed number must have an integer part (and a fractional part). Consequently, a mixed number must be greater than one. The reciprocal of a number greater than one is less than one (and conversely) since the two, when multiplied together, make 1.

Which is greater a mixed number or a fraction?

Mixed numbers are greater than proper fractions.

Explain how to compare a mixed number with a decimal?

Convert the mixed number to a decimal.

Can a mixed number have a whole number and a fraction with the numerator greater than the denominator?

Sure, you can write it that way. But for the final result, you should always convert it to a mixed number in standard form, or to an improper fraction.