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No, one fourth percent isn't equal to 25 percent. One fourth percent = 1/4% = .25% = .0025.

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Q: Is one fourth percent equal to 25 percent?
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What percent is equal to one-fourth?

25%25%i assume you mean percent25%

Whats the fraction of 25?

The number 25 is equal to the fraction of one fourth or 25 percent.

How is 25 percent equal one fouth?

because 1 fourth of 100% is 25%

What is the percent for one-fourth?

One fourth is 25%

What is the percent form of one fourth?

percent form of one fourth = 25%

What is 12 of one fourth As a percent?

One-fourth of 12 as a percent would be 25%. One-fourth of 12 is three, and three is 25% of 12.

What is one fourth of one percent in decimal form?

.25 25%

One fourth of a yard is what percent of a yard?

One fourth of a yard equals 0.25 yard = 25% of a yard.

What is the equivalent oh one fourth to percent?

25 percent

What percent is one forth?

One fourth is 25%

What percent of one fourth is of one yard?


How do you write One fourth of one percent?