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The square root of 100 is 10, and it is a rational number.

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Q: Is the square root of one hundred a rational?
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Is the square root of -81 rational or irrational?

Since it is the square root of a negative number, it is actually imaginary, neither rational nor irrational. It is equal to 9i, or 9 times whatever the square root of negative one is.square root of -81 = square root of 81 times i = 9i

Is the square root of 51 a rational number?

no: the decimal is not repeating or terminating and therefore cannot be written as a fraction, which is one of the two requirements to be a rational number.

Who invented rational numbers?

Well, no one knows who exactly 'invented' rational numbers. Most nations believed all numbers were rational until Pythagoreas proved this untrue by the square root of two.

Is the square root of 5 an irrational or a rational number?

A rational number can be expressed as the ratio of two integers (the number one does not count). An irrational number cannot. The square root of 5 cannot be expressed as the quotient of two integers. This assertion is by experience that the square root of a prime number is irrational. There are several methods to prove the irrationality -- look for them elsewhere. For the sake of curiosity, my calculator gives the following result for it: 2.2360679774997896964091736687312762354406183596115257242708972454105209256378048994144144083787822749695081761507737835042532677244470738635863601215334527088667781731918791658112766453226398565805357613504175337850034233924140644420864325390972525926272288762995174024406816117759089094984923713907297288984820886415426898940991316935770197486788844250897541329561831769214999774248015304341150359576683325124988151781394080005624208552435422355561063063428202340933319829339597463522712013417496142026359047379... You can say that it is irrational by looking at the inexact answer.

How do you do square roots with negatives?

Treat it like a positive and add an i. Explanation: The square root of negative nine is equal to the square root of nine times negative one is equal to the square root of nine times the square root of negative one. The square root of negative one represented by an italic lower case i. The square root of negative nine is 3i. √-9 = √9 * -1 = √9 * √-1 = 3i