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five tenths = 5/10

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Q: Laura walks for five tenths of an hour write the number as a decimal?
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What is the ratio of hits to walks in lowest terms of Vaughn had 27 hits 2 strikeouts and 9 walks this baseball season?

3 to 1

A security guard walks the equivalent of six city blocks when he makes a circuit around the building If he walks at a pace of eight city blocks every 30 minutes how long will it take him to complete?

A security guard walks the equivalent of six city blocks when he makes a circuit around the building. If he walks at a pace of eight city blocks every 30 minutes, how long will it take him to complete a circuit around the building, assuming he doesn't run into any thieves?

What does simply present tense means?

Present simple or simple present.This means there is one verb and it is in the base form eg run walk talk,eg:I walk to work. They walk to work. The poicemen walk to workexcept for subjects he / she / it and singular nouns then the form is verb + segshe walks to work. He walks to work. The polceman walks to work

What are base and s-form of the verb?

The base form of the verb is just the verb no -s no -ing no -ed.Walk is the base form not walks walked or walking.The -s form is the base verb + -s egwalks listens eatsFor some verbs you add -es:watches kisses matches.The -s form of the verb is used with he/she/it and singular noun subjects:He walks to school. She likes ice cream. It eats anything.The policeman walks to work - policeman = singular noun subject.

If a person walks 3.5 miles at 2.5 mph how long will it take him?

(3.5)/(2.5) = 35/25 = 7/5 = 1 and 2/5 hours

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Laura Karlinsey has written: 'Seattle city walks' -- subject(s): Tours, Walking, Guidebooks

How long does it take to walk three tenths of a mile?

That depends on how fast you walk. On average a person walks a mile in about 20 minutes, so it would take about 6 minutes to walk three tenths of a mile.

What actors and actresses appeared in This Hitman Walks Into a Church - 2013?

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What are Laura Bush's hobbies?

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If trish walks 15 blocks and two tenths of it is with a friend how many blocks does she walk with her friend?

3 blocks. 2/10 simplifies to 1/5. 1/5 of 15 is 3.

How many walks allowed in a softball inning?

in tournament softball there can be an unlimited number of walks, but in league it doesnt matter how many walks but how many runs. only seven runs allowed.

What does HP stand for in baseball?

I believe it refers to "Walks" plus "Hits" per inning. Add the total number of Walks and the total number of Hits allowed by a pitcher, then divide by the total number of innings he pitched, and you get WHP.

How many walks in a baseball game?

As many walks that a pitcher will allow. Most Baseball games usually have 2-4. But it really is more a random number

What movie and television projects has Laura Swift been in?

Laura Swift has: Played Oldman Double in "A Touch of Cloth" in 2012. Played Fighting Woman in "Call the Midwife" in 2012. Played Quackers Sufferer in "Quackers" in 2013. Played Lara in "Turkey Duty" in 2013. Played AK Sally in "This Hitman Walks Into a Church" in 2013.

What are the benefits of charity walks?

Charity walks have a number of benefits, the mains ones are; the walker is supporting a charity, they are promoting a positive image, and the more a person walks, the more money they will recieve from sponsors, therfore increasing their donation to the charity.

Recently at a MLB game I saw on the scoreboard under the players stats WHIP. What does that mean?

WHIP stands for Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched and is a relatively new statistic for pitchers. Add the number of walks a pitcher allows to the number of hits a pitcher allows and divide by the number of innings pitched. This gives you the pitcher's WHIP. Like ERA, the lower the WHIP the better. Example: A pitcher has pitched 100 innings, given up 30 walks and 90 hits. Add the number of walks allowed to the number of hits allowed (30 + 90 = 120) and divide by the number of innings pitched (120 / 100 = 1.2). The pitcher's WHIP is 1.2.

Who is The teams that is fielding is playing?

number of called balls before a player walks first base