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Q: Name the sets of numbers which -1/2 belongs?
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What set of numbers does -12 belong to?

-12 belongs to at least the sets of all numbers, of integers and negative integers, of rational numbers and negative rational numbers, and all negative numbers.

To which set of numbers does the number -12 belong?

It belongs to any set that contains it: for example, {4.75, -12, pi, sqrt(5), 29}. It belongs to the set of integers which is a proper subset of rational numbers which is a proper subset of real numbers which is a proper subset of complex numbers. So -12 belongs to all the above sets.

What sets is 12 a member of?

To any set that contains it! It belongs to {12}, or {12, sqrt(2), pi, -3/7}, or all whole numbers between 3 and 53, or multiples of 3, or composite numbers, or counting numbers, or integers, or rational numbers, or real numbers, or complex numbers, etc.

What numbers does -12 belong to?

-12 belongs to negative integers

How many sets of 3 consecutive numbers in 12 hours?

There are eight sets of 3 consecutive numbers in 12 hours.

How many sets of 3 numbers can be made out of 12 different numbers?

You can select 12 numbers for the first digit, 11 numbers for the second digit, and 10 numbers for the third digit; so 12*11*10 = 1320 sets of 3 numbers can be made out of 12 different numbers.

What sets of numbers does -17 belong?

belongs to an infinite number of sets. For example, the Real Numbers, the Rational Numbers, Integers, negative integers, odd negative integers, negative primes numbers, the set {12, -17, 98} or {2.76, pi, -17, k, wikianswers}. In fact any collection, however random, of numbers or other things, that includes -17.

What is the greatest common factor sets of numbers 12 and 30?

The GCF is 6.

What group of numbers has a mean of 10 median of 12 mode of 12 and a range of 12?

There is no single answer to that. You could come up with many sets of numbers that would have those properties.

What numbers are both sets of multiples of 8 and 12?

24, 48, 72 and so on.

What sets of numbers have the same LCM as 12 10 5?

20 and 30, for one.

What numbers have 60 as their LCM?

There are many possible sets. (1, 60) is one such.

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