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There are infinitely many.-1.340000000000000000000000001




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Q: Need four rational numbers between -1.35 and -1.34?
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Is negative four a rational number?

Yes - any integers, including negative integers, are rational numbers.

Uses of rational number in daily life?

A Rational Number is, by definition, a number formed by the ratio of two numbers. one-half is 1/2 and is a rational number, and a 1/4-pounder is a common burger offering. 3 1/4% may be the interest paid by your bank.

Can you add two irrational numbers to get a rational number?

Yes Yes, the sum of two irrational numbers can be rational. A simple example is adding sqrt{2} and -sqrt{2}, both of which are irrational and sum to give the rational number 0. In fact, any rational number can be written as the sum of two irrational numbers in an infinite number of ways. Another example would be the sum of the following irrational quantities [2 + sqrt(2)] and [2 - sqrt(2)]. Both quantities are positive and irrational and yield a rational sum. (Four in this case.) The statement that there are an infinite number of ways of writing any rational number as the sum of two irrational numbers is true. The reason is as follows: If two numbers sum to a rational number then either both numbers are rational or both numbers are irrational. (The proof of this by contradiction is trivial.) Thus, given a rational number, r, then for ANY irrational number, i, the irrational pair (i, r-i) sum to r. So, the statement can actually be strengthened to say that there are an infinite number of ways of writing a rational number as the sum of two irrational numbers.

How many prime numbers are there in between 50 and 100?

There are four prime numbers between 50 and 100. They are 67, 71, 73, and 79.

What is a proportion for the numbers 40 50 64 80?

A proportion refers to a relationship between two numbers, not four.

Related questions

Is four fifths a rational or irrational number?

4/5 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

What are the four forms of rational numbers?

Decimal, percent, fraction, and words

Is negative four a rational number?

Yes - any integers, including negative integers, are rational numbers.

Including decimals what are all the numbers that are divisible by 4 between 30 to 39?

All real numbers are divisible by four. However, no numbers with decimal extensions are evenly divisible by four. The only numbers evenly divisible by four between 30 and 39 are 32 and 36. Otherwise, including decimals, there would be an infinite number of rational numbers between those limits divisible by four, and infinitely more than that if the real numbers are included (numbers that cannot be represented by terminating or repeating continued decimal expansions).

Which number is a irrational 317 25 0.6 33?

The given four numbers are all rational numbers

Which operation of rational numbers lets you add all the numerators then copy the denominator?

Operations on rational numbers refer to the mathematical operations carrying out on two or more rational numbers. A rational number is a number that is of the form p/q, where: p and q are integers, q ≠ 0. Some examples of rational numbers are: 1/2, −3/4, 0.3 (or) 3/10, −0.7 (or) −7/10, etc. We know about fractions and how different operators can be used on different fractions. All the rules and principles that apply to fractions can also be applied to rational numbers. The one thing that we need to remember is that rational numbers also include negatives. So, while 1/5 is a rational number, it is true that −1/5 is also a rational number. There are four basic arithmetic operations with rational numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Four rational numbers that are not integers?

1/4, .872, 32/5, -4.3

Is four a rational number?

Yes, four is a rational number.

What four kinds of numbers can be graphed on a number line?

Integer, rational and irrational numner, real number

What are four rational numbers that are not integers?

1/2, 1/3, 2/3, -3/7.

What are four numbers between 8 and 9?

Four numbers between 8 and 9 are... 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4

What are the four kinds of real numbers?

Integers (eg 5), rational numbers (eg 7/9), irrational numbers (eg sqrt(3), transcendental numbers (eg π).