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It takes 0.6234 gallon (rounded) to cover one square foot of area 1 inch deep.

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Q: One inch of rain per square foot equals how many gallons?
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Compare a square inch with a square foot and a square yard?

One square yard equals 9 square feet or 1296 square inches. One square foot equals 1/9th of a square yard or 144 square inches. One square inch equals 1/1296th of a square yard or 1/144th of a square foot.

How many gallons of water in a 12000 square foot pool?

7,480.52 gallons for every inch of depth

How many gallon of water in 1 inch rainfall per square foot of roof?

A square foot equals an area 12"Wide x 12"Long x 1"Deep. A cubic foot equals an area 12"W x 12"L x 12"D. Therefore, a cubic foot contains 12 square feet. A cubic foot contains 7.48 gallons of water (trust me). You divide a cubic foot by 12 to get 12 square feet, therefore you would divide 7.48 by 12 to get the amount of water contained in 1 square foot. 7.48 divided by 12 equals .623 gallons. For every inch of rainfall there will be .623 gallons of water falling on every square foot.

How many 4 inch tiles equals a square foot?


How many gallons of water to cover 16 square feet 1 inch deep?

Here is my take: 1 gallon of water equals 231 cubic inches 1 square foot, 1 inch tall equals 144 cubic inches (12"x12"X1") 1 square foot needs 0.624 gallons to equal 1 inch of cover (144 cubic inched divided by 231 cubic inches) 16 square feet would require 9.975 gallons of water to be covered 1 inch deep. (16*0.624) **Runsky**

Gallons of water to provided one inch in a 200 square foot garden?

About 1,246 Imperial gallons (UK) or about 1,500 US gallons.

How many gallons per 40 square foot per 0.1 inch of rain?

40 square feet is 5760 square inches. 5760 square inches times 0.1 inch equals 576 cubic inches. Since there are 277.4196 cubic inches in a (US) gallon, 576 cubic inches is about 2.49 gallons.

How do you convert Pounds per square foot to pounds per square inch?

Pounds per square foot x 0.006944 equals psi

Is it inch foot square inch or cubic foot?

square feet

How many gallons of water in 1 square foot of 1 inch rain?

1 gallon

How many square feet equals one square inch?

there are 12*12 = 144 square inches in a square foot so there are 1/144 square feet in a square inch

1 square foot equals how many inches?

A square foot is a unit of area. An inch is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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