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180 is not a Prime number.

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Q: Prime number is 180 what is the prime number of a and b?
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What are the prime number b?

A prime number is a number that has only two factors which are itself and one.

What number of Prime Minister was Lester B Pearson?

14th Prime Minister

Which is a prime numberWhich is a prime number A 21 B 31 C 57 D 91?

It is: B 31 is a prime number because it has only two factors which are itself and one

Is 6 a prime?

6 is not a prime number b\c, it is divisible to 2 and 3

What is the prime factor of 293?

293 is a prime number, therefore the prime factorization of it would be 293, you cant do 293x1 because 1 is NOT a prime number therefore you cant do it because it wouldn't b a prime factorization that is your answer

Which of these numbers is not a prime number A 21 B 31 C 41?

21 is not a prime.

Is two the first prime number?

yes b/c 1 is neither prime or composite

Is 62 a relatively prime number?

62 is not a prime number and you cannot get a relitavely prime number it either is a prime number or it isnt a prime number! The definition of a prime number is a number that can only be divided b itself and one. No other number 62 can be divided by 2 as well as itself and 1 so NO IT IS NOT A PRIME NUMBER even numbers tend not to be prime numbers because they can be divided by two the only even number that is prime is 2 because it can only be divided by itself and 1 I hope this helped!

What number Prime Minister was Richard B Bennett?

He was the 11th Prime Minister, since 1930 - 1935.

What are the notes to 'Defying Gravity' in 'Wicked'?

C-prime is the dominant note in the song "Defying Gravity" in the musical "Wicked."Specifically, two stanzas are Elphaba's contributions to "Defying Gravity" in "Wicked." The notes of the first stanza are the same as those of the second. The following lists the notes sung by Elphaba in each of her two stanzas on the soundtrack of the original Broadway cast:C-prime, d-prime, f-prime (5 in succession), g-prime;C-prime, d-prime, f-prime (3), g-prime (2);A-prime (2), g-prime, f-prime, e-prime, f-prime, d-double prime (2), c-double prime;C-prime, b flat-prime, a-prime, g-prime, f-prime;C-prime, b flat-prime, a-prime, g-prime, f-prime, e-prime, d-prime;C-prime, b, c-prime, b, c-prime, g-prime, c-prime, c-prime, g;C-prime, b, c-prime, a, g (2);C-prime, b, c-prime, g-prime, c-prime, b, c-prime, c-double prime, b-prime, g-prime, c-prime (2), d-prime (2), c-prime;E-prime (3), d-prime, c-prime, g, c-prime;E-prime (2), d-prime, c-prime, b, g, a-prime, g-prime.

Which is not a prime number 31 47 49 53?

The only number which is not a prime number in that list is 49 - it is equal to seven squared.

Which number has exactly 10 factors?

Any number of the form a*b^4 where a and b are different prime numbers, or c^9 where c is a prime, will have exactly 10 factors.