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There aren't any odd numbers divisible by 4, much less consecutive ones.

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Q: Show consecutive odd numbers divisible by 4?
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Is the sum of two consecutive numbers always divisible by 2?

No, the sum of two consecutive numbers is always an odd number, and is not divisible by two.

Sum of two consecutive odd numbers divisible by 4?

Yes, that is true.

What odd number is divisible by 7 and is the sum of two and is less than 25 consecutive numbers?

All odd numbers are the sum of two consecutive numbers. Odd multiples of 7 less than 25 are 7 and 21.

The sum of 3 consecutive odd numbers is 59 what are the numbers?

The sum of three consecutive odd numbers must be divisible by 3. As 59 is not wholly divisible by 3 the question is invalid. PROOF : Let the numbers be n - 2, n and n + 2. Then the sum is 3n which is divisible by 3. If the question refers to three consecutive numbers then a similar proof shows that the sum of these three numbers is also divisible by 3. Again, the question would be invalid.

What are consecutive odd numbers?

There are no two consecutive odd numbers.

The sum of two consecutive positive even numbers is 52 What is the smaller number?

There is no solution. You could do it if the numbers were odd: 25 and 27 are consecutive odd numbers that equal 52.

Can the sum of any three consecutive whole numbers be divisible by 6?

Yes, if the first number is odd.

An example of consecutive odd numbers is 23 25 27 and 29. Find four consecutive odd numbers with a sum of 160 Show your work?


What is the HCF of two consecutive odd numbers?

The GCF of consecutive odd numbers is 1.

What two consecutive numbers add up to 60?

Consecutive whole numbers will have an odd sum. Consecutive odd numbers, or consecutive prime numbers, will be 29 and 31.

Why is an odd number can not be divisible by 4?

Odd numbers are not divisible by even numbers.

What odd number is divisible by an even number?

No odd numbers are divisible by even numbers.