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Introduction of the digit 0 as a place holder.

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Q: The single factor that made the Hindu-Arabic number system superior is the?
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The single factor made the Hindu-Arabic number system superior is the?

Use of zero as a place holder.

What is the largest single factor of 120?

The largest single factor of any positive number is the number itself.

What is the conversion factor for 15?

There can be no conversion factor for a single number.

Which is not a common factor of 80?

All of them. You can't have a common factor of a single number.

What Single factor made the Hindu Arabic number system superior?

It is superior from other systems because it has separate symbols for all numbers to 10 unlike Mayan or roman numerals who for 6 have to use 2 symbols (a line under a dot for Mayan and a V then an I for roman)

Is a factor a single number or a pair of numbers?

An integer X is said to be a factor of another integer C, if there exists an integer Y, such that C = X*Y.Thus, although the factor X is a single number, it is paired with factor Y.

Which whole number only has a single factor?


What are the great common factor of 2736?

You need two number to get a common factor. A single number doesn't have any.

Is a prime factor the same as a proper factor?

No, a prime factor is a single factor that is a prime number. A proper factor is a member of the set of factors that doesn't include one and the number itself.

What is the least common factor of the number 35?

A single number cannot have a common factor. You need two or more numbers.

What is the greatest factor for 2030?

The greatest factor of any single positive number is the number itself. The GCF of 20 and 30 is 10.

What number has a greatest common factor of 26?

A single number doesn't have a 'greatest common factor'.A single number doesn't have any 'common' factors."Common" means "the same for both of them".A "common factor" means it's a factor of two different numbers.