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The decimal point moves two places to the right.

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Q: What answer explains the correct way to move the decimal to find the product of 23.8 and times 100?
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What is the answer that explains the correct way to move the decimal to find the product of 23.8 and times 100?

Move it two places to the right.

What is 0.96 times 0.12 as a decimal?

The product is 0.1152 as a decimal

How many decimal places are there in product of 3.012x6.2034?

There are: 3.026 times 6.2034 = 18.6846408 which is 7 decimal places

Roberto multiplied 5.1 times 3.6 and wrote 1,836 as his product. is Roberto correct Explain your thinking?

No, Roberto is missing a decimal point. 5.1 * 3.6 = 18.36

How many decimal places are in the product of 9.2 times 3.12?


What is 291 times 2.3 in decimal form?

The product is 669.3

How many decimal places will be included in the final product 3.008 times 1.02?

There will be five.

How many decimal places are there in the product of 3.012 x 6.2034?

There are: 3.012 times 6.2034 = 18.6846408 which makes 7 decimal places

What is 2.37 as a percentage?

When changing a decimal into a percent, you can move the decimal point to the right two times, and then add the percent sign. Correct answer: 237%

How can you multiply a decimal times a whole number?

-- Ignore the decimal point; just multiply the two whole numbers. -- After the multiplication is done, put the decimal point back into the product. Put it in the right place so that the product has as many digits after the point as the original decimal had. If there aren't enough digits in the product to do that, add some zeros to the left end of it.

What percent correct is 10 right out of 12?

It is: 10/12 times 100 = 83.33% recurring decimal

What times what times what times what equals eighteen?

Well I know that three times six equals 18. Well I make it 2.059767144 which gives the answer correct to 8 decimal places anyway. It works out to 18.000000003246700 to 15 decimal places. Close enough?

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