What are Oblong numbers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An oblong number (also called a "pronic number") represents an oblong shape created when dots are placed equidistant from each other in rows and columns. The number of dots across must be one number greater than the number of dots down, so if I make a grid of dots which is 3 dots across and two dots down, it represents the number 6, the total number of dots. Six, then, is the oblong number. If the oblong has 4 dots across and 3 dots down, it equals 12 dots, so the oblong number is 12.

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. . . . = 12 This visual representation of a number is called an "array."

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These arrays are used commonly now in schools to help students understand the concept of multiplication. In this case, (3X4=12).

The algebraic formula for such a number is: n(n+1). This is an integer (number) times the same number plus one. So 3 X (3=1), or four, equals 12.

The first few oblong numbers are 2, 6, 12, 20, and 30. This series of numbers is the successive sums of the series of even numbers or the products of two consecutive numbers: 2 = 1·2; 6 = 2·3 = 2 + 4; 12 = 3·4; and so on.

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Q: What are Oblong numbers?
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Can a number be both a square number and an oblong number?

This user has never heard of such a thing as an oblong number. If you mean a number that equals the product of two different numbers other than 1, then yes: 36 = 6 x 6 = 4 x 9. Or if you prefer, 100 = 10 x 10 = 5 x 20. ----- this user over here says no, if you define an oblong number to be a positive number in the form n(n+1). to say a number can be an oblong number and a square number is to say that there exists an n such that n2=n(n+1) =n2 + n so unless n=0, this statement is not true, and since the oblong number is positive, then it can't be zero. why can't it be zero (or negative, for that matter)? well, these numbers originally popped up as a geometric picture; an oblong number number is a group of dots arranged in even rows or columns, where there was one more column than row, or vice versa. the number itself is the quantity of dots, which is always positive. another way of thinking about it is by definition, an oblong number is a square minus a row or column, or a square plus a row or column, and thus, not a square.

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What is the Nth Term Formula for Oblong Numbers?

The Nth term formula for oblong numbers is N = N(N+1)

Is 8 an oblong number?

No. Oblong numbers are rectangular numbers with the length one longer than the width, ie they are of the form n(n+1) = n2 + n. The first few oblong numbers are 2, 6, 12, ... 8 is not one of these.

How did an oblong number get its name?

It is a composite number which is a multiple of two different factors, each greater than 1. The name derives from the fact that a rectangle (or oblong) whose sides are those two numbers will have an area equal to the oblong number. If there were no requirement that the two numbers are greater than 1 then every number would be an oblong number.

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What is the Difference between oblong and rectangle?

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