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A smile is a sign of welcome

A tear is a sign of sadness

A laugh is a sign of happiness

A kiss is a sign of love

An embrace is a sign of friendship.

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Q: What are the 5 common signs in our world?
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Anything is possible but it is not common to show signs of pregnancy within 5 days or less of conception.

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The most common hazard signs that are uniform across most countries in the world is a warning to indicate what the maximum speed is. This varies on the different type of road as well as its surroundings.

What are the signs and symptoms of Multiple Myeloma?

Some of the common signs and symptoms of Multiple Myeloma are 1) bone pain, 2) susceptibility to infections, 3) anemia, 4) kidney disease, and 5) neurological symptoms.

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food nignog

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Common lawn signs can be found through most neighborhoods. Typically they will say keep off grass, beware of dog, No solicitation or many times you will see political signs for upcoming elections.

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