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They were all naturalists.

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Q: What do peale turnbull and audubon have in common?
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How are j j audubon Charles Wilson peale and jonathn trumbull alike?

they both like to play trumpet

Who was Charles Willson Peale?

Charles Willson Peale was born in 1741. He was a portrait painter, a scientist, an inventor, and the founder of America's first major museum (called Peale's Museum). He worked for the good of the common people. He died in 1827.

Is the Peale's dolphin endangered?

No. They are locally common in parts of the tip of South America.

When did Maria Peale die?

Maria Peale died in 1866.

When was Maria Peale born?

Maria Peale was born in 1787.

When did Rubens Peale die?

Rubens Peale died in 1865.

When was Peale Museum created?

Peale Museum was created in 1814.

When did Raphaelle Peale die?

Raphaelle Peale died in 1825.

When was Raphaelle Peale born?

Raphaelle Peale was born in 1774.

When was James Peale born?

James Peale was born in 1749.

When was Rubens Peale born?

Rubens Peale was born in 1784.

What church was dr peale associated with?

Dr. Peale was associated with the Reformed Church.