What fractions equal 1 whole?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fractions that multiply to get 1 whole are reciprocals, or multiplicative inverses.

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3/4 + 7/10= 1 whole

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Q: What fractions equal 1 whole?
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What two fractions equal 2 whole?

1 half plus 1 half equals a whole

3 fractions which are equal to a whole one?

1/2, 1/3 and 1/6

What does 5 tenths and 1 whole equal using fractions?


Where are the fractions?

The fractions are when you divide a whole number into equal parts

What are the equal parts of the whole?

parts of the whole are fractions.

What three improper fractions equal the whole number one?


What whole number is equal to 2 over 5?

Whole numbers don't equal fractions.

How can complex fractions be multiplied?

complex fractions can be multiplied when you have two fractions multiplied and equal a whole number.

What is a nonzero whole number?

A nonzero whole number is a quantity which does not equal zero and number without fractions.

What fractions will equal to 1?

Fractions will always equal 1 when their numerator is the same as their denominator

Why are fractions fractions?

Fractions are Fractions because they are parts of a whole. The definition of a fraction is a part of a whole. Fractions in math represent parts of 1, such as 3/6. there are 3 parts out of 6 total to equal 1. since there are only half of the 6 parts present, this fraction could be simplified to 1/2. Improper fractions such as 8/6 mean that there are more parts of 1 than what equal 1. 6/6+2/6(1+2/6) is equal to 8/6, which is easier to use in an equation than its mixed number counterpart(1 2/6) or (1 1/3, simplified.)

What fractions are the same as 1 whole?

Any fraction whose numerator is the same as its denominator is equal to 1 as for example 5/5 = 1