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15.3 rounded to the nearest whole number is 15.

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Q: What is 15.3 round to the nearest whole number?
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What is the nearest whole number to 153?

It is 153.

What does 153 round to?

153 rounds to:0 to the nearest thousand200 to the nearest hundred150 to the nearest ten

What is 153 to the nearest hundreds?

153 to the nearest hundreds place = 200

Is 153 a rational number integer whole number and natural number?

Yes, it is all of those things.

What does not round to 4.7?


Which is divisible by three is it 35 or 103 133 or153?

All are divisible by 3 if you don't mind that the answer is not a whole number. However, if you are looking for the number which is evenly divisible by 3 (resulting in a whole number) then it is 153. 153/3 = 51.

Which whole number is equal to 1000 โ€“ 531 โ€“ 315 โ€“ 153?


What is 153 rounded to the nearest 10?

1 is in the hundreds place. 5 is in the tens place. 3 is in the units place (the ones place in America).Therefore, when rounded to the nearest tens place it is 150

What is 153.35 rounded to nearest hundredth?


Is 153 a rational number?

153 is a rational number.

What does 36 and 85 and 32 rounded to?

To find what 36 + 85 + 32 rounds to, you can add the numbers and then round the answer. 36 + 85 + 32 = 153. 153 rounded to the nearest 10 is 150. Rounded to the nearest 100, it is 200. You can also round the number first then add them together. 36 rounded to the nearest 10 is 40, 85 is 90, and 32 is 30. 40 + 90 + 30 = 160. The answers are not the same for both methods, so if you are a student it is wise to ask your teacher which method you should use.

What is 153 rounded to the nearest hundred?


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