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Answer = .3 with a bar above the 3 or .3 (3 repeating) or even ~.333 (if precision isn't very important).


Whenever you have a number in % or "percent" that you want to convert to a decimal number, simply divide the % number by 100 (for example: 33.3 % / 100 = .333). IF the % number is known to be repeating (for example 1/3=.3 repeating=33.3% (repeating)), then you can express the percent number in decimal as .3 with a bar above the 3 or as .3 (repeating) or even ~.333 (where "~" means "approximately). All are valid expressions of 33.3 % (repeating).

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Q: What is 33.3 percent repeating as a decimal?
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What is 333 percent as a decimal?

33.3 % = .333 (no repeating decimal- just move the decimal point two places to the left and erase the % sign). 33.3% = 0.333 (This is different from the repeating 3 value for the fraction 1/3)

What is 3 over 9 into percent?

3/9 in decimal form is .333 repeating. ( you get this by dividing 9 by 3 ) once you have the decimal you move it 2 spots to the right. ( making it 33.333 repeating ) then add a percent sign ( your answer will come out as 33.333 repeating % )

How do you convert a repeating decimal into percent?

you use the decimal that is repeating and out that number twice. examples: .6 repeating= 66 percent 0.9 repeating= 99%

What is the decimal for the fraction 1 over 30?

.333 Repeating

What is 3.3 repeating as a percent?

333 and 1/3%

33.3 percent as a decimal?


1/3 in decimal form?

1/3 in decimal form would be .333 repeating.

What is one third in a decimal?

One third as a decimal is .333. you can leave as many three's as you want or round it off to whatever place value you want. Technically 1/3=.3 repeating (repeating means infinity of the value presented, so infinity three's).

How do you convert a repeating decimal 0.123 as a fraction?

123/999 = 41/333

What is 9 percent of 68?

7.5(repeating decimal)

What is thirty as a decimal and a percent?

30.000 (with repeating zeros) as a decimal and it depends as a percent it would be like 30 = 0.30 as a percent

How do you change one sixth to a percent?

1/6 as a decimal is 0.1666 repeating percent. So what you need to do is move the decimal point over twice to the right and you get the percent, 16.66 repeating %.

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