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Convert the decimal 4.5 to a fraction 4 1/2

As an Improper Fraction 4 1/2 = 9/2

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2023-05-18 15:52:53
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What is 4.5 as an improper fraction

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Q: What is 4.5 as an improper fraction?
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How do you change 50 over 45 mixed number to an improper fraction?

50/45 is an improper fraction. 1 and 1/9 is an equivalent mixed number in lowest form.

What is 45 over 22 as an improper fraction?

45/22 is already an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it is 2 1/22.

What is 3 45 expressed as an improper fraction?

what is the improper fraction for negative 3 and 4/5

What is 45 minutes as a improper fraction?

45/1 minutes

What is the improper fraction for 3 45?

There isn't one. You can only make an improper fraction from a mixed fraction, which a whole number with a fraction on its side

1 45 as an improper fraction?

Cannot be done.

What is 4 45 as an improper fraction?

445 is an integer and so there is no sensible way of expressing it as an improper fraction.

What is 1 hour 45 min as a fraction?

It is: 1 and 45/60 which is 7/4 as an improper fraction in its lowest terms

What makes a common fraction improper?

An improper fraction is a fraction in which the top number (numerator) is largerthan the bottom number (denominator).Such a fraction can always be converted to a whole number plus sometimes a'proper' fraction.Examples:The improper fraction 45/15 = 3 .The improper fraction 10/7 = 13/7 .

How do you write 45 1 as a inproper fraction?

45/1 is an integer and s cannot be expressed as an improper fraction except, possibly, as 45/1.

What is -4.5 converted into a fraction?

It is simply 45/1 as an improper fraction

What is 22.5 written as a fraction?

22.5 as an improper fraction is 45/2 or 22 1/2 as a mixed fraction.

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