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At Texas Tech it was #6. Right now he's working out with the Cleveland Browns and I'm pretty sure it is still #6.

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Q: What is QB Graham Harrell jersey number?
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How many Green Bay Packers quarterbacks are their?

As of the 2010-2011 season, the Green Bay Packers have three quarterbacks. Their starting QB is Aaron Rodgers. Their second string QB is Matt Flynn. Their third string QB is Graham Harrell.

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Who is the Green Bay packers quarter back and who is their center right now 2012?

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers Center: Evan Dietrich-Smith Seconds: QB: Graham Harrell C: Jeff Saturday

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There have been two Big 12 QB's on winning teams the last eight years, but neither played in the game. Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech) was with the Patriots in 2003 and Chase Daniels (Missouri) was with the Saints in 2010. If the Packers win tonight, a third QB is added: Graham Harrell (Texas Tech).

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