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A long shot.

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Q: What is a bet against heavy odds called?
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How are the odds determined on racetrack bets?

In the US, we use the parimutuel system which means that the betters set the odds by the money they bet. The more bet on a horse, the lower the odds. The favorite has the most money bet on him while a longshot is a horse with very little money bet on him.

What do you win if the odds are 5 to 2?

When the odds are 5 to 2, if you bet $2 on something and win then you will receive $7 The $2 you bet and the $5 you won.

Do you bet only on odds and even numbers in roulette?

you can bet on both at the same time

Best odds in a crap game?

According to most "experts" the best odds are the pass line bet and come bet, or don't pass and don't come bets.

Where could one find a reliable bet calculator online?

Bet Directory has a reliable bet calculator. In addition, it has betting odds and previews for many bets, including football, cricket, and horse racing. Other bet calculators include Free Bet Calculator and Odds Checker.

What are the payouts for a 2 dollar bet?

it depends on the odds of the horse. if you bet on the favorite you will make less than you would if you were to bet on a long shot

What are the best craps strategies?

The best bet in the game of craps, and in fact, the best bet in the whole casino as far as odds are concerned, is the free odds bet that can be taken behind the pass line or don't pass line. It's the only bet in the entire casino that pays correct odds.

Where can one bet on the NFL Vegas Odds?

To bet on the NFL Vegas Odds, one should visit the official 'Vegas Insider' webpage. Alternatively, one could visit other betting sites, such as 'Oddschecker' for NFL Vegas Odds.

Can you bet on anything?

yes you can all you have to do is ask for the odds at the bookies

Where can one see the odds of a bet?

There are a few options that are available to see betting odds. This would greatly depend on what odds one is interested in viewing, but one can find betting odds on sites such as Odds Checker, Odds Portal and Odds Shark.

What is a 50-50 bet called?

A 50/50 bet is called an 'Even' money bet or an 'Even' chance bet. With payout odds of 1:1. Betting a $1 and bet is won would return your $1 stake + $1 winnings. If bet is lost you lose your $1 stake.

What is the payout on a 25.00 bet getting 40 to 1 odds?