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Mirror primes are pairs of prime numbers whose digits are reversed.


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Q: What is a mirror prime number and do both numbers have to be prime in the answer and what are the mirror primes from 1-100?
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How many prime numbers from 11 to 100 are there whose digits when interchanged give a prime number?

There are four pair of mirror primes.

How do you find twin primes of number?

To find twin primes of a given number, iterate through the numbers starting from the given number, and for each number, check if both the number and the number+2 are prime. If they are, then they form a pair of twin primes with the given number.

Sets of factors for every number not prime?

All non prime numbers have factors that are primes.

Which numbers have a prime factorization with factors that are all the same number?

Powers of primes

What number has the product of exactly three different prime numbers?

Since there are infinitely many primes, there are infinitely many numbers that are products of 3 primes.

How many prime numbers are there total?

There are infinitely many primes. There are 24 prime numbers between 1 and 100

List all prime numbers?

Euclid proved there are infinite. He said that if there were a finite number of primes, if you multiply all the primes together and then add 1, the result will be a prime. Thus, there are infinite primes.

What is the smallest prime number including negatives?

Negative numbers are not considered primes. Prime numbers are defined for positive integers. The smalles prime number is 2. by Alexis Assad

How are these extremely large prime numbers found?

There is no formula that will specifically give you a prime number and no non-prime number. Therefore, several large numbers are tested to see if they are primes, until a prime number is found.

What are all the numbers that are not prime numbers called?

They are the composite numbers, products of primes and their multiples. All even numbers are composite, except the number two (2) which is prime.

What is the even prime numbers of 50?

2 is the only even prime number. All primes other than 2 are odd numbers.

Is 29 and 31 a prime number?

Yes, 29 and 31 are prime numbers. They are also called twin primes.