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Q: What is a multiplicative comparison with ratios?
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What are the ratios that name the same comparison?

equivalent ratios are different ratios that name the same comparison

Is a ratio a comparison between two ratios?

A ratio is a comparison between two values. The values can be integers or fractions (ratios).

What is a comparison of two quantities with different units?


What ia an comparison of numbers or variables that can be written in fraction form?

They are ratios.

What is a comparison of numbers or variables that can be written as a fraction form?

They are known as ratios.

What are ratios equal to 53?

Ratios are about comparison, one number to another. You can't have a ratio from only one number, as there isn't anything to compare it to.

How are ratios similar to percent?

A ratio is a comparison of one number in relation to another number. A percent is a comparison of one number in relation to One Hundred.

Relationships determined from a firm's financial information and used for comparison purposes are known as?

financial ratios

What is account ratios?

Account ratios are a comparison of incoming and outgoing money. This is used to accurately track how much money will be in the account at any given time based on the ratio.

Can a multiplicative be divided?

No. A "multiplicative" is an adjective, not a noun. For example a multiplicative inverse, or a multiplicative relationship, or multiplicative model. It is not a number and cannot be divided.

What do ratios mean in math?

They are a comparison between two measures. They may be expressed as x:y or x/y.

Steps in ratio analysis?

Steps in 'Ratio Analysis'Step 1: Collection of information, which are relevant from the financial statements and then to calculate different ratios accordingly.Step 2: Comparison of computed ratios with the past ratios of the same organisation or with the industry ratios.Step 3: Interpretation, drawing of inferences and report-writingClassification of Ratios