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Any fraction that has a zero as the numerator equals zero. Any fraction that does not have a zero in the numerator would be a nonzero fraction.

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Q: What is a nonzero fraction?
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Does every nonzero fraction has a multiplicative inverse?


A number made up of a whole number that is nonzero and a fraction?


What goes Is the fraction of 1.0?

Any nonzero number will go into 1.0

When multiplying a nonzero fraction by its reciprocal the product is call?

When you multiply a nonzero fraction by its reciprocal you get 1. Take this example.Lets say you have a fraction called (a/b). The reciprocal of that fraction would be (b/a). If you multiply the two you'd get (a/b)*(b/a)=(ab/ab). Anything divided by itself is 1.

A number made up of a nonzero whole number and a fraction?

mixed number

What is a number made up of a nonzero whole number and fraction?

It is a mixed number.

Does adding the same nonzero number to the numerator and denominator of a fraction produce an equivalent fraction?

No because the numerator and the denominator must be multiplied or divided by the same number for a given equivalent fraction

What is the difference of a whole number and a nonzero whole number?

A whole number is any number that is not a fraction, decimal, or mixed number. A nonzero whole number is the same, except that it doesn't equal zero.

How can you write any nonzero whole number as a fraction?

No, you cannot write any irrational number as a fraction.

Why the definition of a fraction restricts the denominator to being a nonzero integer?

Because division by zero is not defined and if the denominator were zero, we would be dividing by zero.

What is the product of two or nonzero whole numbers?

The product of two nonzero whole numbers will be a nonzero whole number.

When was Nonzero Records created?

Nonzero Records was created in 2001.

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